pain perdu

lost bread, lost
pain – wrong
texture, passed time.
in english u is sometimes oo
and so the username on ig is now
possible, but wrong and
lost, too: perdoo
means i forgive, and that –
would be a lie,
lost in time and
texture. a long time ago they
said the flat white bread-thing was Him
and that eating his body
and that being together
would right the wrong
and the lost would be
found – what a slap in the face,
the hostia, how distant from
its host, how lost a
concept in time and space.
bread is serious business.
if i eat the pain, instead of letting
it eat me, then maybe?, maybe the
crunch, a sugar-fat coated
celebration of what passed,
will melt in me and ah!
the glory of being
one in own
arms, lost and

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